Lab2Moon is a TeamIndus initiative to involve youth from around the world in our Moon mission.

What is the Challenge?

TeamIndus is flying to the moon in 2017 and is making you an offer you just can’t refuse – the first chance in 45 years to create an independent project that will fly to the Moon.

Lab2Moon is a global challenge for youth to imagine, design and build a project that would catalyse the evolution of humankind as a sustainable multi-planetary species. We want you to create an experiment that would help build sustainable life on the Moon; for example, an experiment that investigates how plants grow on the Moon or innovative ways to use renewable energy.

What will you send to the Moon?


Project Criteria

The project must:

Be the size of a regular soda can

The project must:

Weigh less than 250 grams

The project must:

Connect to our on-board computer

Key Dates


Call for submission of concept notes and videos.


25 teams shortlisted to build prototypes


Teams fly to Bangalore, India to present prototypes to jury

Important Dates Stages We Process
29 Jun 2016 Phase 1: Registration opens
15 Sep 2016 (23:59 IST) Phase 1: Registration closes
17 Sep 2016 (23:59 IST) Phase 1: Deadline for submission of concept note &video
17 Nov 2016 25 teams shortlist announced
19 Dec 2016 Phase 2: Mid-term evaluation
06Feb 2016 Phase 2: Mid-term evaluation
13Mar 2017 Finals: Presentation of prototype to Jury
15Mar 2017 Finals: Announcement of winner

How To Participate?


Form a Team

Form a team of upto 3 members. You can also participate individually if you want to


Concept Writeup

Write a concept note with details of your idea and include project drawings. Keep it to fewer than 300 words.


Share a Video

Share a video explaining your project and why it should fly to the moon. Video should be under 2 mins.

Registrations are now closed